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 Pasargadae (135 km northeast of city of Shiraz) Fars province,Iran

In the year 550 B.C.,Cyrus the Great founded the Achaemenid Dynasty ,and in the heart of Pars ,Pasargadae became the capital of the history’s first ever Great Empire.
The most glorious and beautiful masterpiece in Pasargadae complex , is the tomb of Cyrus the great which is still stands firm and stable during 25 centuries .The structure itself is made up a seven-stepped rectangular platform .After Cyrus was slain in battle (530B.C.),his body was mummified and placed in a golden bed among precious royal objects with his weapons .People also thought that no human being could erect such a monument from large boulders .
Persepolis(60 km northeast of city of Shiraz) Fars province ,Iran

Persepolis is one of the most beautiful architectural masterpieces of the second half of the first millennium B.C., and was created by the able hands of an cientartists.The construction of persepolis began during the reign of Darius1 (486 – 552 B.C. ) around 518 B.C., and continued under his son Xerxes1 (465-486 B.C.) and his grandson Artaxerxes1 (425 – 464 B.C ). The building operations of this magnificent ensemble went on for around two centuries.

Karim Khan Citadel :
Karim Khan Citadel, is most important and biggest building of the Zand dynasty. It was built in 1767 by the order of “Karim Khan” and used as the center of his government and also his residence .it has an area of 12,800 square meters .Karim Khan Citadel has still remained very elegant and beautiful.It is locted in the center of Shiraz near “Shohada” Square and attracts every traveler.

Tomb of Hafez :
“Khaje shams al-Din Muhammad ” known as “Hafez” .that is one of the most famous poets of persian language and literature.65 years after his death ,a building was built over his grave . His tomb has been repeatedly renovated during the years . In the Zand period , “Karim Khan” built a building and installed a marble gravestone which still exists . The current building was designed and implemented by the french architect,Ander Godard, in 1937.

Fars province,Iran :
Fars province is known as the cradle of Iran culture and civilization , due to its unique historical and cultural background . The province recorded around 3000 monuments on the National Heritage list ,and ranks first in the country in terms of four UNESCO world Heritage Sites such as: Pasargadae, persepolis,Pasargadae dae Persian Gardens(date back to Achaemenid era),Eram garden ,as well as historical cities of Anshan and Malian (date back to Elamite era) historical cities of Istakhr ,Bishapour ,Goor,Sarmashhad,Darabgerd ,and more than 30 Sassanian bas-reliefs indicate the historical importance of this province.
The existence of two prominent poet by the name of Hafez and Saadi ,having many beautiful mosques,holy shrine of shah -e- Cheragh and some other holy shrines lead to Fars special position among other province.

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