Fars province,Iran


Fars Province :

Fars is a province in southwest Iran known for its rich Persian culture and history. Vestiges of the powerful Achaemenid Empire include the terraced 518 B.C. palace complex in Persepolis, and the Pasargadae archaeological site with its Tomb of Cyrus. Southwest of both, the leafy provincial capital, Shiraz, is centered on the turreted Karim Khan citadel. The nearby Pars Museum holds handwritten Qurans and Persian art.
Area: 122,608 km²
Population: 4.851 million (2016)
Main language(s): Persian; Qashqai; Luri; Dialects of Fars
Colleges and Universities: Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, MORE
Points of interest: Eram Garden, Pasargadae, Tomb of Hafez

Climate and wildlife:

There are three distinct climatic regions in the Fars Province. First, the mountainous area of the north and northwest with moderate cold winters and mild summers. Secondly, the central regions, with relatively rainy mild winters, and hot dry summers. The third region located in the south and southeast, has cold winters with hot summers. The average temperature of Shiraz is 16.8 °C, ranging between 4.7 °C and 29.2 °C.

The geographical and climatic variation of the province causes varieties of plants; consequently, variation of wildlife has been formed in the province. Additional to the native animals of the province, many kinds of birds migrate to the province every year.[15] Many kinds of ducks, storks and swallows migrate to this province in an annual parade. The main native animals of the province are gazelle, deer, mountain wild goat, ram, ewe and many kinds of birds. In the past, like in Khuzestan Plain, the Persian lion had occurred here.

The province of Fars includes many protected wildlife zones. The most important protected zones are:

  • Toot Siah (Black Berry) Hunt Forbidden Zone, which is located at the end of Boanat region.
  • Basiran Hunt Forbidden Zone, which is located 4 kilometers south to Abadeh;
  • Bamu National Park, which is located north-east of Shiraz;
  • Estahban Forest Park (Parke Jangaly), which is located on the outskirts of Touraj mountain;
  • Hermoodlar Protected Zone, which is located east to Larestan.

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