Yazd from Shiraz

Let's see Yazd from Shiraz

Persepolis and Pasargadae

Persepolis and Pasargadae is on the way to Yazd so it could be best plan to manage your time .

Aghazadeh Historical House

Aghazadeh Mansion and its windcatcher was built during the Qajar Dynasty and is located in Abarkooh, Iran. This building is registered as a national historical monument in Iran and since 2015, the facade of this building has been portrayed on the 20,000 rial bills.

Yakhchal of Abarkuh

Abarkuh Yakhchal is a conical structure with a circular map that has been terraced. The perimeter of its dome is 64 m, its height is 22 m, diagonal of its walls is 3 m, and the depth of its store is 4 m. Internal area of its bottom is deeper than surrounding external areas. One of the prominent and main features of Abarkuh Yakhchal is its kind of design and form of structure.
Generally speaking, Yakhchals have 4 main parts including a pond, an ice store, a big dome on the store, and shading walls. The height of most Yakhchals in Yazd province is 20 m which have been built in Qajar dynasty; however, some of which date back to the prosperity of Silk Road and some to Adud al-Dawla (982 – 949).

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